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ITG (that’s what we call ourselves) was incorporated in 2014 and gets its name from a hiking trail called The Incline near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Originally a railway for carrying pipeline-building materials up Pikes Peak, The Incline today is one of the most popular (and notorious) hikes in the Colorado Springs region. With an elevation gain of 2,000 feet in just 1 mile, it’s a heart-pumping, invigorating workout!

Overview of The Incline hiking trail near Colorado Springs, Colorado Section of The Incline Hiking Trail near Colorado Springs, Colorado

Successfully completing The Incline is a badge of honor, and the person you compete with the most is yourself — trying to beat your previous times. Even people from Denver and other cities along the Front Range make the drive down to Colorado Springs just to try it.

That’s why we named our company after it. Like The Incline, we elevate the businesses we work with to a higher standard. We’re not just developers and IT consultants, and we don’t just build apps and websites and work with technology.

What makes us special is our commitment to excellence, our friendly and attentive nature, and above all our ideas. We think and plan ahead to help you get ahead. Ultimately, in the business world, that’s what it’s all about.

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